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Transport companies ask for taking up again the project of ‘appointment required’ in the operations at the terminals Print E-mail
domingo, 03 junio 2007
The Watchdog Committee of Land Transport at Valencia’s Port, has suggested the possibility of taking up again the project of ‘appointment required’ for the entering of trucks in the terminals. This measure, complement for the Closing Time, would contribute to the disappearance of the saturation at certain times of the day.
Arce will present to Valencia Port Authority APV a project to coordinate contingency plans Print E-mail
domingo, 14 enero 2007
RD 2319/2004 about container safety establishes that the depots must evaluate the occupational risks with each of their customers. Arce points out that it would be more efective and adapatable at the time of working to reach agreements with the different associations that include transport companies. This way they will keep control under their associated and will make sure they fulfill with the safety norms. For that reason a first meeting was held last December between Arce and the associations ELTC and Transcont in order to start searching for a new way of putting into practice the new project of collaboration. Last week a second meeting was held where the necessary protocols of communication between the parties started to be described.
The associations of truckers from Valencia’s Port join together with members from Arce Print E-mail
miércoles, 10 enero 2007

ImageARCE (Association of Repairs and Container Depots) and transport associations ELTC (Association of Companies of Logistics and Container Transport ) and TRANSCONT ( Association of Self-governing Businessman devoted to Containers Transport at Valencia’s Port) held a meeting at the seat of TRANSCONT to deal several matters related to container transport at the Port of Valencia.ARCE (Asociación de Reparación y Depots de Contenedores) y las asociaciones de transportistas ELTC (Asociación de Empresas de Logística y Transporte de Contenedores) y TRANSCONT (Asociación de Autopatronos Empresarios de Transporte de Contenedores del Puerto de Valencia) mantuvieron una reunión en la sede de TRANSCONT para tratar diversos aspectos relativos al transporte de contenedores en el puerto.


Arce, ELTC and Transcont consider to collaborate in the prevention of risks Print E-mail
viernes, 15 diciembre 2006
Spanish Association of Container Repairing Depots, Arce, yesterday called transport associations ELTC and TRANSCONT to value collaboration formula in matters related to contingency of occupational hazard.
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